The Bias Barometer

Welcome to the project webpage of The Bias Barometer. We are an NWO funded research group with the Institute for Logic, Language and Computation at the University of Amsterdam in The Netherlands.

The application of Artificial Intelligence to digital / online media manipulates the information that reaches us as readers. For example, a so-called echo-chamber may arise where readers only encounter information that reflects one’s own opinions. The Cambridge Analytica scandal has shown that manipulation of information can be used to control beliefs, and thereby actions.

We explore the relationship between what we read on (social) media and the effects on our (stereotypical) beliefs and actions.

This relationship is explored from two disciplines: linguistics & psychology. We look, for example, at the best NLP methods for detecting biases in (social) media, and the best cognitive models that allow us to make predictions about changes in beliefs and actions.

Research Interests

Our Topics of Interest

Natural Language Processing

Word Embeddings



Cognitive Models

Human Behavior